Saturday 10:00am-11:00am @ Main Dome – Hosted by Michael Cordova

A heart centered yogic journey; restore your mind, body, and soul from those deep dance trances. This class works deep into the heart, lungs, chest and circulatory system. Providing an overall balance to move yourself into optimum well-being for the rest of your festival experience.

Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm @ Main Dome – Hosted by Timothy Yuen

Humanity has long looked to dreams and visionary states for guidance, knowledge, and healing. Nearly all dreaming traditions have described encounters with allies that take the form of animals in their visionary journeys. These allies or “animal powers” prove to be invaluable teachers, companions, and protectors to any who walk the visionary roads. In this workshop, you will make contact with one or more of these animal powers in a consciously induced dream state. This contact will perhaps provide immediate insight into a situation in your life or may initiate a long-term partnership with an inner resource that enhances your quality of life. As we will be sitting or laying still for an extended period during the workshop, bringing a pillow, folded blanket, or similar cushion may be useful for your comfort.

Saturday 12:00pm-1:00pm @ Main Dome – Hosted by Tink Kelly.

To learn how to make a positive impact in your community. Collectively, many of us share the dream of living together, in unity, on land in some far out place and far out future. In this interactive workshop, you will see how it’s a possibility to bring forth many elements of this vision right where you are locally. This is how we make a difference in the present moment. We will cover topics such as education, sustainability, communal living, festival culture, grant writing, crowd funding, and resource sharing. You will walk away with a clearer image of what it is you really want to create within your community.

Saturday 1:00pm-1:50pm @ Main Dome – Hosted by Nicole Garvin

This one hour class will help stretch and relax your tired muscles after a night of dancing, hugging, running, walking, skipping and maybe even resting on an air mattress. This slow flow will help connect you to your body and help you develop mindfulness towards the healing properties of your breath.  Vinyasa is movements that are connected to the breath to help lengthen and strengthen muscles by moving the body in a specially formatted way. We will close class with 5-10 minutes of guided relaxation.

Nicole Garvin earned her 200-hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) through Shanti Yoga School in 2012. With 5 years of experience guiding students to feel their bodies, connect with their breath, let go of stress and increase their mindfulness, Nicole has developed a passion for helping others.  Nicole is engaged and motivated to share her knowledge about anatomy, body and breath connection, and the positive effects yoga can have on mental health. Nicole loves the movement based meditation and physically invigorating aspects of yoga. When teaching, she loves empowering and challenging people to do their best both on and off the mat.

Saturday 1:55pm-2:45pm @ Main Dome – Hosted by Coltyn Fisher

Discuss the inner workings of how science and music relate.

Saturday 2:45pm-3:45pm @ Main Dome – Hosted by Katie Valenzuela

I would like to bring an observation hive so that everyone can see the inner workings of a hive. I’ll cover their life cycles and life spans. I’ll identify a drone and a worker. I’ll cover what it means to swarm. I’ll talk about how we go about rescuing swarms also. I’ll discuss what people can do to support beekeeping even if they don’t have a hive.

Saturday 1:00pm-2:00pm @ Shade Garden – Hosted by Laya Nicole

Find new shifts in your perspective, energy in life as it shows up, to help in healing and improving of your internal struggles, desired outcomes, and dreams