What To Bring

What to bring to a music festival

Konnexion Music Festival is strictly “Leave No Trace”. You pack it in, you pack it out. No exceptions.

  1. Water

    At least one gallon, per person, per day. We encourage you to bring extra to share. Gallon jugs, not disposable bottles please.

  2. Sun Screen

    It will be hot. Don’t forget Sun Screen.

  3. Backpack

    To carry water, food, etc. while adventuring.

  4. Nutritional Foods and Snacks

    Small food vendors will also be available on site.

  5. Toiletries

    Toilet Paper, hygene care, feminine products.

  6. Tent

    And a stake hammer. It can get windy, secure your tent accordingly.

  7. Lights, glowy things, tapestries, strobes

    Being part of the event is what it’s all about. We highly encourage you to bring tapestries, lasers, glowy lights, colors, etc. for your camp site.

  8. Air Mattress

    Optional, but suggested.

  9. Carpet for campsite

    Optional, but suggested.

  10. Clothing

    Light, airy clothing for hot daytime temperatures And warmer clothes for evening/nighttime.

  11. Flash Lights or Headlamps

    The terrain can be rugged, please come prepared with a proper light source.

  12. Outfits/Costumes

    Summer heat friendly costumes suggested for daytime.

  13. Camera

    Photographers will be on site, but a camera is suggested to capture moments and memories. (Don’t forget extra batteries)

  14. Comfortable Shoes

    For adventuring. (Don’t bring your new Js)

  15. Shade Structure for Camp Site

    Easy Up, Tarp, etc. Highly suggested. Secure it properly in case of strong winds.

  16. Shovels, Rakes, etc.

    Optional. For clearing out rocks and weeds at your camp site.

  17. Trash Bags

    You must take your trash home with you. If we see people littering, we will remove them from the event and place them on our blacklist. We take trash and personal responsibility VERY seriously. Please take heed of this warning.

  18. Generators

    Only bring one if it’s necessary. Please clear out a 6-foot radius around your generator. Be kind to your neighbors, do not run it during sleeping hours.

  19. Reusable Dinnerware

    Please, don’t bring disposable paper and plastic dishes if you can avoid it.

  20. Ticket and ID

    Absolutely no gate sales or admissions without proper ID and ticket. Please have your ticket ready when driving up to the gate.

  21. Positive Attitudes

    Konnexion is about the celebration of life. Come with an open mind and a big smile. Enjoy yourself.

  22. Couches, chairs, etc.

    Some people go all out on their camp sites, we encourage it.

  23. Fire Extinguisher

    We will have a fully staffed firefighting team on site, but we encourage you bring a fire extinguisher if you have one. The more the merrier in case of emergency.

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