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Over the past nine years, Konnexion Music Festival has been a relentless force in the world of electronic music. Our journey is not just about the present; it's a celebration of the past, where we've showcased an eclectic array of electronic music genres and hosted countless talented artists. Looking back, it's remarkable to see how many of these artists, who once graced our stages, have now exploded onto the global music scene. They are a testament to the caliber of talent that has passed through our festival grounds.

As we reflect on our rich history, we can't help but feel a sense of pride and gratitude for the incredible musical journeys we've been a part of. From techno to house, bass to trance, our stages have welcomed an impressive diversity of electronic music, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of this genre. Konnexion has become not only a festival but a launchpad for artists who have gone on to achieve international acclaim. We cherish the role we've played in nurturing and supporting their talent, and we look forward to many more years of fostering the next generation of electronic music pioneers.

2022 Lineup

Konnexion 2023 - The 9th Installment

2022 Lineup

Konnexion 2022 - The 8th Installment

2019 Lineup

Konnexion 2019 - The 7th Installment

2018 Lineup

Konnexion 2018 - The 6th Installment

2018 Lineup

Konnexion 2017 - The 5th Installment

2016 Lineup

Konnexion 2016 - The 4th Installment

2015 Lineup

Konnexion 2015 - The 3rd Installment

2014 Lineup

Konnexion 2014 - The 2nd Installment

2013 Lineup

Konnexion 2013 - The 1st Installment

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