Konnexion has very strict rules in place to ensure the safety of our attendees, staff and residents of neighboring communities. We ask that you be respectful of these rules and use common sense. We have security staffed and retain the right to remove you from the event with no refund if we deem it necessary.


  • DO Have Fun
  • DO Keep an open mind and leave your ego at home
  • DO Be Respectful of staff and all attendees
  • DO Respect the land and wildlife
  • DO Respect the rules
  • DO Bring your E-Ticket Receipt and ID
  • DO Dance all Night
  • DO Take care of yourself
  • DO Take care of each other
  • DO Connect with Others
  • DO Share


  • NO Fires
  • No Minors (18+ Event, 21+ to drink)
  • NO Stealing
  • NO Fireworks
  • NO Guns or Weapons
  • NO Speeding on (or off) the Property
  • NO Climbing of Structures, Domes, Art, etc.
  • NO Driving (After Parking)
  • NO ATVs or Recreational Vehicles
  • NO Violence
  • NO Entering the Onsite Buildings
  • NO Entering the Artist Camping areas
  • NO Drugs
  • NO Underage Drinking
  • NO Pets
  • NO Glass Bottles
  • NO Renegade Sound Camps
  • NO Sneaking in
    Note: Your wristbands is not removable. Do not try to remove it. Do not come to us and say you lost it, it came off, it broke, etc. They won’t just come off. You will not get a replacement and will have to leave if we suspect you are attempting to sneak someone in.