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Venue Layout Updates for KMF 2023

Sat May 20 2023

We have some changes coming to Konnexion 2023! 2 of our Theme Camps, Flow Dojo and Tent Town, are moving much closer to the camping area. 

Both of these camps host our daily workshops, and we wanted to give them some extra space for their art and lounge areas. With workshops moving so much closer to camping, it will be easy to go attend your workshop and head back to camp afterwards.

We wanted to give you all more options to do during the day that are closer to the camping area. 

As shown in our infographic below. Take the walk down the path from the middle of the camping area. Walk past the Unify Stage (or stop there if the music calls to you) and you will end up in the new Theme Camp and Workshop area!

The trail shown in this image is also the best and easiest path to take when walking from the Main Stage to camping. It is a shorter distance than the path most take, and there is only 1 hill!

We are majorly improving this path to make it even easier to use. Plus this area and the other paths shown will be fully lit up!

We take your feedback very seriously and are working hard to make this the best year yet!

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