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Tue May 23 2023

One of the things that make Konnexion unique is our amazing Theme Camps. Theme Camps are crews of people who work together to build interactive spaces for all the Konnexion attendees to enjoy.

All of these Theme Camps are unique in their offerings, but spread across the venue they help create the magic of Konnexion.

In 2023, we have 5 Theme Camps for you to experience during your time at the festival, returning are 4 Konnexion favorites along with a new camp from Portland, OR.

Tent Town

Tent Town has been a part of Konnexion since the beginning. While their offerings have changed throughout the years, in 2023 they will be bringing back some classic art projects and will be the home of our Workshop area.

At Tent Town, stop by the Workshop dome which will have classes and activities on Friday and Saturday, and they will be offering a Singing Bowl Meditation on Sunday morning before you head home.

Tent Town will have their art projects like the Giant Rocking Moon, Life Sized Lite-Brite, a giant LED Tree, and some cool wooden structures that you can sit in or play some retro video games.

Tent Town will be located just down the hill from the General Camping Area, close to the vendors and Grove Stage.

Vibe Tribe

Like Tent Town, Vibe Tribe has been a part of Konnexion from the beginning. Vibe Tribe will be located right by the Main Stage in 2023.

At Vibe Tribe you can explore their many Interactive LED art projects, like the Giant Crystals with wheels you can spin to change the LED patterns, a large black light forest with neon trees, and some infinity mirror art.

Vibe Tribe builds a large hangout space that provides shade during the day and is great place to sit down and relax at night while you step away from the music.

Flow Dojo

Returning for their second year as a Theme Camp, you can find Flow Dojo in two locations at the festival.

At The Main Stage, catch many of their amazing flow performers that make up their camp spinning fire all night long.

The Second location for Flow Dojo is right next to Tent Town by the General Camping area. Here you can take classes from their talented instructors during the day on Saturday. Enjoy classes in the art of Poi, Hooping, Staff, Fans, and so much more! Their crew are some of the best at their crafts and you will leave class with a new level of skill.

Traveling Psyde Show by Exalted Collective

A new face at Konnexion Music Festival, the Traveling Psyde Show is a late night area to explore.

Located to the right of the Main Stage, Exalted Collective is bringing an immersive environment of custom projection mapped structures, hang out spaces, and art installations. When the music at the Main Stage stops, a night of music from talented Portland based acts and friends will begin.

Outside of the time when music is going, their space is available to explore throughout the whole weekend. They have dance performers, a fashion show, and other fun games an activities planned throughout the weekend.


Returning for their second year, #CAMP STFD [Sit The F*** Down] is the only Theme Camp located in the General Camping area. What started as a group of friends who attended Konnexion every year turned into space for the whole festival to enjoy. Like their name implies, they provide a huge shaded area to with couches, fans, water, and some amazing people to talk to. Stop by, sit down, take a load off.

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