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A.Fruit Takes Over Boise at Blend: Exprmnt

By Sam Kissee

Wed Sep 13 2023

Are you ready to embark on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and electrifies your senses? Konnexion Music Festival is proud to introduce a night that will redefine your perception of electronic music. Mark your calendars for September 22nd, as we bring you "Blend: Exprmnt," an extraordinary event that celebrates the art of experimentation in music.

The Event:
Blend: Exprmnt is our space to explore and experiment with different styles of music and performers while still keeping the level of thought, talent, and curation that Konnexion is known for.

At Blend: Exprmnt, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming an international sensation to Boise: A.Fruit. Anna Fruit, the creative genius behind the moniker, is a true explorer of the universe of sounds and the relationships between music and people. Her music is a reflection of her inner world and emotional interactions with the outer world.

A.Fruit's journey into the world of bass music production began over a decade ago. She now stands as a professional sound designer and audio engineer, committed to creating sounds of the highest quality. Born in Moscow, Russia, Anna's passion for music began in childhood, where she played the guitar and sang her own compositions. In 2008, she discovered Ableton Live, which transformed her life and led her to pursue a second education as a sound engineer to further hone her craft.

Fast forward to 2023, and A.Fruit has established herself as a champion of the 160bpm realm. Her influences span drum and bass, jungle, hip-hop, and the captivating world of footwork. A.Fruit has released six EPs, two of them on vinyl, and contributed more than 30 original tracks and remixes to compilations worldwide. Her sonic prowess has graced renowned labels like Med School, Teklife, Hyperboloid, and Worst Behavior Recs, among others.

Beyond her own musical endeavors, A.Fruit crafts sound effects and music for various PC games and provides digital mastering for esteemed labels. Her DJ sets delight audiences with a fusion of various BPM music, ranging from footwork and jungle to dubstep, future beats, and halftime.

For this incredible night of musical experimentation, local support will be provided by Pintooth and a special b2b session featuring BABE and Will Schoen. The event takes place at Neurolux, and it's a 21+ experience.


  • Date: September 22nd
  • Venue: Neurolux
  • Music starts at 9 PM
  • Tickets: $10 Presale / $15 General Admission
  • [Konnexion-A-Friend Fund]: Times are tough for many, and we want to make music accessible to everyone. You can choose to purchase a ticket on our website, and the funds raised will be used to gift tickets to those facing financial hardships.

Join us on September 22nd for an unforgettable night of musical exploration and boundless creativity. Let's come together to celebrate the beauty of electronic music and create unforgettable memories.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to witness A.Fruit's mesmerizing performance at Blend: Exprmnt. Get your tickets now and prepare for an audiovisual adventure like no other!

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