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Konnexion 2024 Venue Updates

By Sam Kissee

Fri Apr 05 2024

Hey everyone! 

We wanted to share some updates regarding Konnexion 2024 and the venue layout! Every year we make updates to the venue to make the walks shorter and to make the space easier to traverse. 

Last year we added the new Lookout Camping Area, and we got some great feedback from those who camped up there. More Trees, More Shade, Nicer Land. We work hard to make sure everyone has the best experience at Konnexion, and are happy to share some more updates! 

For 2024, we are moving all general camping up to The Lookout. We have a ton of space up there, and will be creating a close knit camping environment where we will all meet our neighbors and connect with each other. 

In the space where TentTown, Flow Dojo, and Workshops were held in 2023, we will be using that space for Large RVs, Overflow/Single Day Camping, and a designated Accessible Camp Area. This lower area is a flat walk to all stages, vendors, and main areas. Making it easier for folks to need a little assistance to explore everything Konnexion has to offer!

With this move to The Lookout for the main camping space, we have 2 roads we added in 2023 that head directly to the Main Stage, and The Grove Stage. We will be improving these roads and majorly upgrading the lighting on both of these roads. 

We noticed in previous years that daytime music at the main stage was a long trek to attend, walking to get food, to a workshop, or back to camp to change took a lot of energy during the day. 

In 2024, daytime music will be held at The Grove Stage! Workshops will be in between both camping areas, and the Grove stage. This change will make daytime music, workshops, and the vendor area very close together and easily accessible. Greatly reducing how far you need to walk during the day in the sunlight. 

TentTown will be moving back to their previous location to the right of the main stage. Flow Dojo performances will continue to be at the main stage, and all workshops will be held at the location on the map. 

The previous camping area will not be used in 2024. All of these changes greatly reduce how spread apart everything is and will make getting around Konnexion so much easier! 

We are pretty excited about moving all the main camping to the Lookout as we think it will create an amazing community vibe with everyone so close together! 

An official map for Konnexion 2024 is in the works, but for now, here is a basic map to show these updates.

New Map V1.png

Thank you all so much, Konnexion 2024 here we come!

-Sam, Billy, and The KMF Crew

TLDR: All camping is moving to The Lookout, with a new overflow and accessible area. We are not using the old camping area in 2024. Daytime music is moving to the grove stage. Venue footprint is shrinking and walks to everywhere are shorter.  

To compare with our map from last year, here is the 2023 map and the updated map for 2024. This is not our official map for the year, just so folks can see the changes in a format they may be familiar with.

2023 Map

Festival Map.png

2024 Map

Festival Map2024.png

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